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Sustainable Bean Bag Filling
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Sustainable Bean Bag Filling

As an evolving business, we are passionate about taking necessary steps to ensure that we are creating consciously and treading lightly on the earth. From the beginning of our journey, we knew that there had to be a more sustainable option to fill our bean bags without compromising on quality and comfort.

The answer? Envee Beans.

Based in Melbourne Australia, Envee is playing a part in the global movement towards a world where products can be produced from renewable resources. The company is made up of a forward-thinking team who specialise in technology development, product design, and engineering to create bio-based products that improve sustainability and lower environmental impacts.

Envee beans are a comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly filling material for your indoor and outdoor beanbags. Crafted from  Ingeo, which is 100% bio-based, envee beans contain no nasty additives and produce 80% fewer greenhouse gases than traditional polystyrene during production. Slightly larger and firmer than your standard Poly beans, we recommend 200 litres to fill our Idle Space bean bag.

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